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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

To Produce Cranes Spares in India we have made a well defined quality policy under which we have been conducting various manufacturing tests by using highly advanced equipments and machineries. We have successfully achieved a high level of customer satisfaction by providing them with a consistently quality product at the right price.

Some of the QC checks are as follows.

  • Chemical analysis through chemical process (wet process), or Spectrometer
  • To ensure quality production we are equipped with latest testing facilities.Carbon equivalent and Physical tests through approved external laboratories.
  • Instruments for DFT measurement and Noise level measurement.
  • Brinell Rockwell portable hardness tester for hardness testing.
  • Push pull meter for the accurate span measurement indicating the appropriate pulling force.
  • In addition to that we also follow NDT tests like DPT, UT, & RT tests to confirm the product standard.
  • Tachometer for Speed Measurements.

Quality Policy

With the commitment of giving quality product, the raw material are well tested stage wise right from the initial stage till the final completion stage. All sub assemblies are again inspected by our QC dept. before giving clearance for final shop assembly and trial testing of the cranes. Finally with the clients representative the complete cranes are dimension checked and trial tested on no-load.

In order to regularly monitor the quality process, we have a separate Quality Control Department which monitors the manufacturing process right from the raw material stage till completion of job with checks at the required stages as per our internal QAP.

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