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Annual Maintenance Contract

V.M. Engineers undertake thorough Annual maintenance contract and major revamping of cranes.
We take it with / without comprehensive manner and offer immediate services to quality product.
Due to our prompt services, our clients are strength of our marketing department.
We up keep the annual maintenance report of our contract and repeatedly receive the contract since last two decades.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Continuous innovative spirit coupled with growing need of industrial lifting equipment led V.M. Engineers to the pioneer of designed concept in India and offered highly custom built material handling equipment with a proven design. Thus, V.M. Engineers offers routine, preventive and Do’s and Don’ts maintenance manual which covers part No., sectional drawing and part detail of each equipment supplied by V.M. Engineers.

Feature of V.M. Engineers Design

The unique concept ensures 100% safety with long life of equipment and thus reduces the cost of maintenance, downtime and replacement of spares. V.M. Engineers always offers the design calculation for main girder, motor calculation, brake torque capacity, wire rope calculation and designed parameters of all the equipment’s under execution. The designed aspects are counter checked by computerized design facility. The design is modular with easy interchangeability and aesthetic appearance. Finally, the design consideration promises of 100% safety while lifting.

Performance Testing

V.M. Engineers offers load testing, overload testing, deflection testing to their clients as per requirements and submit the bulky final report along with all certification right from the procurement stage.
Eot Crane Maintenance Contract and Services in Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai, India
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